Did some agility  this am. Practised rear crosses with Sally (for me not her). Did some cross rail work with Thea to help her clue into jumping the middle of a fence. Played with start lines with Sally and Brody. Dad and Jean came for lunch. Lovely chat, quick meal relatively which was perfect as we immediately headed out into our newly found back fields.

another new to us view of the school house
Brody still has lots of energy – he ranged a little further away from me then usual but raced back to me every time I looked at him! I was pleased to see him booting it around as he’s had five days of long walks and action.

On the way home Sampson decided (perhaps because his ball stayed home this walk?) that he should collect the tree to bring home. He was adamant and quite ferocious, and very very funny! Tom broke off a five foot section for him which Sampson proudly dragged/carried all the way home.

Thea fell into a puddle and got soaked – luckily we were nearly home.

Another lovely walk, on another lovely day. Given the choice of a week a year in Hawaii or the holidays we get at the school house I would pick the schoolhouse every time.