Laura at TeamSmallDog I’m not.
Sally and I wanted to recreate her beautiful stump shots but the camera ran out of batteries, then the sun was in my eyes. Then Sampson decided to drag Sally off the stump and Big T got impatient and went off to explore a new path. And we gave up and went along with him. But we had fun trying. Even if Sally looks like a wild stump monster with a growth out of her forhead.
Took the three jumps and turned them into a serp line. Dogs were simply amazing. I don’t think I’ve done a true serp since Nov with Sally and Brody. I’m not sure Thea has ever done them. I had to think about handling as they were reading me so carefully I could threadle or push out easily. So we did every variation I could think of. All ran well. Really well. Trials should be 6 jumps long on my front yard more often!
We had a fabulous break.