bright green tennis ball got to go for a walk too!

We went back beyond today – another walk to places never explored by our feet before .. Sampson felt a need to bring his ball. Quite adorable! Thea ran and leaped puddles then ran some more. Brody got ahead of us a couple of times. Sally ran like the wind. A light, sensitive wind as she’d spin way up a trail then rocket back to make sure we were going her predicted way.
Got into the garden a fair bit (new bed turned over carrots and radishes planted) and also did some jump work with Sally. Blew her mind by leaving her favourite Flying Squirrel out in plain view. Must practise self control more. (That could be our motto really when you think about it).

our schoolhouse is a dot three fields away

I’m frustrated with dial up this week. Lots of things I want to comment on on lots of blogs but I seem to time out before I can get the comment page up more often than not. (for Sam – I bought a horse mag this week – my head is in the same place as yours I think ;))