We did a tiny tiny bit of Snowgility over the winter – mainly popping Sally over one 16 inch jump that was buried in snow. We’d hop it twice at the most then motor indoors to warm up.
It’s WET here. Really wet. The front lawn is mostly a pond. I did manage to find one 15 foot strip gently sloping downhill that I could set up a 3 jump grid on. Three 10 inch jumps 5 feet apart from each other. All four of the dogs (yup Sampson got into it too) were going mad trying to jump the grid at the same time. It was hilarious. Thea usually opts out of 10 inch jumps (she’s not quite 9 inches high) but she was unleashing her inner boarder collie barking and charging. Sampson couldn’t figure out the striding so he’d bounce the first jump then turn the last 2 into an oxer (wide double). He has lots of scope. Brody and Sally both settled into a nice rhythm working the grid.
I then found a tiny bit of room to set up a 3 jump pinwheel. Set it at 22 inches and Sally happily worked around and through all the permutations (theadles etc) I could think of.
Five minute agility is back.
I am thrilled. Apparently, so are the dogs.
Also had a chance to do some framing. Michael’s had a sale on frames – 25% off and these frames are nine bucks not on sale. Got a bunch of certificates in frames and some agility pictures framed too. It’s lovely to have some time to get some projects that have been on the to do list a LONG time done.