I am not mathematical … nor do I do much with my computer. However I have been inspired to learn to do more with the tools at hand. I made a cute little xtranornmal movie for the students at school then made a silly movie about a conversation I could SO see Tom and Sally having about agility. Tom is wandering around now reminding me “I am not agility”. He has also taken to saying, while watching Sally ” I run like the wind” or ” I am a train” (a couple of the lines given to Sally dog in the clip).
I decided last night to learn how to make charts on the computer so I made a pie graph and a bar chart. Finding stats to use that would hold my interest was easy – I used the gang’s trial stats.
I can’t quite figure out how to share the charts here yet .. but I can share the info 😉

Sally earned 37% of the q’s this season (15: she missed 7 qs including a gamble she got but was under 1 sec OT and 2 maniacal start up classes), Thea 15% (6: she missed only 2 qs as I was very careful about what she entered) and Brody 49% (20: he missed 8 qs including 3 that were me confused on course)

To total things up 41 qs of  58 attempts for a q rate of 70 percent. Brody rocked along at 71 % but we only did gamblers twice. Not too shabby eh? All in all I think I have to declare the come back tour a grand success!

Why end the post with an ice picture you ask? Well that would be because of Sally. Sally ran across the half frozen pond yesterday – she ran so fast (like the wind itself!) that she made it to the shore before the ice gave way and she crashed into the water – she leaped out – shook hard and galloped away. That Whole Lot of Dog is going to be the death of me!