We had a fun night at the hall last night …
I used my newly minted course design (HA) skills, judging and scoring skills and had a blast with both the organizational and running elements
The first course was a snakes and ladders run – up and down and up and down .. Sally earned 23 points (I think) and Brody earned 22. Another dog earned 24 points in this game .. and Sally’s sister Sophie was right in there too 🙂
Then we had a snookers course (using tunnels not jumps and dogs got to do the closing no matter if they would have been whistled off course or not). It was mostly contacts – #2 was a jump, 3 the frame, 4 the teeter, 5 the dog walk, 6 a tunnel and 7 the weaves. The tunnels were set in the corners of the hall so there was a LOT of running back and forth. Brody did tunnel, weave, tunnel, weave, tunnel aframe and the closing … he was excellent – but the long runs aren’t his thing and the whistle went as he was in the final weaves leaving him with 32 points. Sally ran the weaves three times (good practise!) and did a nice job in the closing too – she was THAT close to finishing the weaves when the whistle went – so earned a whomping 44 points. My Whole Lotta Dog did a beautiful job last night. She was a little riled – and asked for better handling a few times (LOUDLY  – of course).