Jumpers was hilarious .. we ran the course then ran and ran and ran  the course again as many times as we could in the time allowed …Brody was one of the top dogs .. scoring 32 points and Sally wasn’t far behind with 30 points .. Thea had a FABULOUS run – unfortunately I added 6 extra jumps (a loop on each end) with one major off course .. earning us faults and wasting a TON of time – so she totalled 16 points instead of 30 … RATS! Team Wild Ones (our team) won that game …
Steeplechase was a nice flowing course … Sally seemed great but her time was quite slow for some reason – I’m really not sure what happened – one of the few times I’d really like a video … or maybe there was a timer malfunction – no big deal! Thea ran her little legs off but had two off course errors (adding 5 seconds per error) so her total time was 80 seconds. Brody ran a glorious glorious round – 55:10 seconds. He was bang on!!
Gamblers was fun too. Brody, without trying any mini gambles, earned a whomping 52  points (and nearly blew the very easy end gamble – OOOPS!). Sally tried a mini gamble – and I’d swear she got it but we didn’t get the points … so she only earned 28 points … Thea earned 57 points – HOW DID SHE DO THAT??? I have no idea – she didn’t do any mini’s and could hardly do the aframe … though she did twice – GOOD GIRL!!

What a fun way to make fun matches meaningful to me. I enjoyed the organization, the thinking and got a handle on enjoying the runs too 🙂 Met the mission too!