I am a social studies geek – politics, English, History, Geography  – you get my drift. Being an animal person I was also OK in sciences (Biology being my natural preference). We have books in every room we have and books in our cars and many in boxes in our basement.

Math is not my thing – for a long time I thought I was honestly innumerate. In fact I still can’t get past 5×5. I can explain theories and understand the whys of why things work but my functional skills in math are very low. Computers are a tool to me. I don’t know much about them and I’m not that interested. I expect them to work when I turn them on and that’s as far as I go. All of this is a long winded way to say I explored math and computers extensively today trying to do the scoring for House League.
(The final runs are on Sunday).
Mostly importantly I learned a ton about excel. What a cool program. I also added up high point scores; times and low fault totals. It did not surprise me at all that Brody made the top three in low faults and high points. I was shocked, no SHOCKED,  that he made top three for fastest time. There is something to be said for steady and consistent. Something wonderful. A little more shocking was Sally – she has run the second fastest combined time and she made top 5 for point totals. What a girl! She has scope – and it turns out she has some consistency too!