I snapped a picture of a jump standard tonight. Not just any jump standard but THE jump standard from last week. Then I realized you might not know how tall the average jump was so  I asked Sally to sit beside “her” standard for the photo op. Kind of like a celebrity.
Sally was good tonight. We had an interesting experience entering weave poles. There was a tight tunnel in front of them which made a left to right lead change needed to enter at speed. The other dogs trotted in – a good choice for them but it took a little thinking to get Sally to flip leads. Turned out I could use the “right” command and she’d switch – how terribly educated of her eh? I was shocked – had never thought of using the turn command on the flat really. Handy!

Brody was excellent  – speedy to the point of missing a down contact on a frame – but it was a full size frame so I wasn’t too stressed  – the angle is much harder for him that way! His weaves were speedy – and he had fun.

A good night all round.