aren’t I a wimp?

I cannot decide what to do with specific reference to regionals. Held every spring I have only made it to one. It was fun. It was great actually and I’d like to do them again someday but I’m not convinced this is the spring to do them again.
Brody could do them and probably he would do me proud (if 20 point gamble classes could be considered proud making!) . If he didn’t thrill me he owes me nothing anyhow. He runs agility for me not him though and I’m not sure regionals are a place I want to push him that much.
Sally could manage I suspect – but I am really hesitant to put her on aframes at the moment. I suspect bad habits learned now could last a life time.
Thea will stay home. She has spent too much time living with her sister this winter and too little time doing agility. I will play with her in the spring and trial her in the summer. Hopefully CPE but if not I will do jumpers classes and snookers and maybe even gamblers classes until we have weaves, teeters and dogwalks sorted out.
So I’m torn … I would like to go on the one hand (and you can be sure all my agility buddies will hoot and holler and say go go go if I ask them) but on the other I’d like to garden, train, and be sure when I do go I’m going for the right reasons. I’d love input .. there really aren’t too many folks around me who can even understand why I’m not sure 😉