(I still have good, no, great dogs but geesh it was entertaining)

First class was “Queen of Hearts” – a much mixed up version of CPE Fullhouse. It was a point accumulation game with a gamble mixed in. Dogs ran well, people laughed – it was a most excellent warm up – Brody and Sally tied each other at 49 points each – only one dog beat them and that was a fabulous fellow named Deefer … he earned 51 points. … Brody just motored his way around the course – did the weaves twice and a bunch of other 5 point. Both of them had no issue at all with the Queen Challenge either.

Second class was a traditional aac gamblers course. Again Sally blew me away getting the mini gamble both times .. what a good girl. Brody worked his way methodically around the course for a total of 33 points in the opening. We used double up rules and doubled the score for people who got the gamble so Sally wound up with 84 points and Brody had 66. Two dogs managed a 92 somehow. Amazing.

There was a standard class last and again I have amazing dogs. I sent Brody into a tunnel that wasn’t actually on the course so he earned 5 faults with my stupid handling otherwise he was his perfect self. Sally ran a clear lovely fast – the judge didn’t think she was in a down position so faulted us after I got fed up and reset her but in reality it was a zero fault run. Contacts were solid – though I powered out a “TOUCH” or two. I felt better about the contacts than I have in months. They aren’t finished but even the aframe worked. My own criteria is coming into focus and I think that is helping a lot.

Judging and organizing was fun. We had to be a bit adaptable as one person was a last minute no show but everybody is starting to really work together. Lots of questions, lots of discussion but I think folks are getting what they want from this league. At least, I hope they are.