Working on goal setting and not sure which end to start with – little goals first or BIG goals first … making myself crazy here so time to surf and watch videos I’ve never seen . (And share them of course)
A really happy puppy playing/learning video – what a neat mix of play and work .. inspirational really. I love the reward behind for a stay – that’s something I’ve said I’d do for ages but have yet to work into a session!
Easy, Snap, Maggie and Rumor doing some LAT, reorienting etc in a big open field. I ‘gots me’ some work to do 😉 I think it’s quite cute the way Rumour won’t leave Leslie alone! Control Unleashed continues to influence my thinking. While every technique isn’t for this group of dogs the overall principles fit nicely with my philosophy. Do I EVER use the relaxing on the mat with Miss Sally pants! Actually that would be a good snow day project. Time for Sampson to learn a go to place behaviour – or at least start it 🙂
This video truly is my all time favourite inspiration for working with Sally when she’s high as a kite .. while I don’t label anybody trying to work with their dog a “bad” trainer it does keep me motivated to hold consistent criteria and reward the good work I do get from the wild child. If Sally wasn’t in my life my comprehension of this video would be minimal.