The brown girls and I headed over to the All About Dogs training hall for a couple of hours today. Phenomenal (no that’s not her name – she’s NOT staying) had a meet and greet with a lovely pet home ~ but I think she’s too much dog for them. Thea worked a little on the dog walk (which worried her in this setting – interesting), table and the tire (FABULOUS). She is not a fan of this chute so we worked with it a bit too. She had fun – which is the whole goal of working with Thea. (She did agility last Sunday and prior to that mid November).
Sally worked weave entries – fast and furious; steady as could be. She worked perfect dog walks and a couple of end behaviours on a aframe too. She was getting touch no problem. Then we did a three sided box jump thing and she was great in that too. Memories of the summer. She was smooth, fluid and working hard.

A good day.