was about how sad I was feeling. In my fantasy post little Coco Pup would be in her new home with a wonderful family to call her own. She’d be a pet, but working too – doing classes- maybe aiming for rally or agility. She’d have other animal friends to entertain her – and not be alone for more than 4 hours at once. I’d be sad but happy for her..
Instead the only thing sad about this post is how blurry the pictures are!!

Sally and Coco Pup pause long enough to look elegant (and show how much the puppy has grown- she doubled in size in the two weeks over the holidays! You’ll notice the shoe that humans forgot to put away turned into a toy)

Coco trying to see if Sally will give her a ride. (Notice the boot she had been playing with – bad human leaving a boot out!)

Catching up from the holidays – finally got Thea not to Stop and Pause for the camera …
Sally and Coco virtually never stop – I love the blur of heads and tails …

Coco – singing for supper? More likely singing for a home to call her own!
It has been a ton of fun having a puppy to bring up right. Coco has lived with us for a month now and it’s time for her to go. We are getting attached to her. Sampson is getting braver with her but really doesn’t need stress in his life – he makes enough for himself! She is a fabulous puppy. She has a default sit, she downs, she is starting wait, she tugs and is learning to release, she walks over any surface bravely and happily, she walks nicely on leash, she comes when she is called, and she is incredibly clean in the house! Big T loves her, Sally loves her, Thea loves her and even some of the cats love her. Other cats, Sampson and Kizmet are moving from hating her to tolerating her. I am certainly enjoying her – but she’s a ton of work that I could be putting into other things!