Apology first – I can’t seem to comment on blogs (including my own) at the moment. You’ll have to trust me I’m reading – thinking awww Misty… I didn’t know that about Dunbar.. great picture – I’m glad you are doing dog 2 next year or I’d miss it … go Marge …etc etc … hopefully I’ll be able to actually comment instead of just in my head soon …

On to the puppy … Coco’s brother Freckles has been adopted – being picked up tomorrow .. and Coco continues to thrive .. she is wearing a collar, sits, pees outside, eats dog food and LOVES to play. Kizmet barks whenever she comes near him. Brody growls and leaps up away from her. Thea and Sally play with her and poor darling Sampson continues to be terrified of her.

Imagine this face striking terror into any heart?

Thea would rather not admit she plays with puppies.

(excuse the mess) Sally LOVES playing – she can’t get enough!!
A woman I work with named Coco – it isn’t my favourite name so I’ve been kicking around names for the puppy. (Who comes to puppup or puppy not Coco anyhow).
Any great names out there for agility dogs?
I was thinking Destiny … Dez for short … yah .. dangerous thinking no doubt 😉
I love the name Kizmet – but we have it in use for our senile brain lesion dude.