7 days without agility … HOLEY SMACKERAL … been a long long time since we’ve suffered this kind of withdrawal
Tuesday night the weather was lousy and I was overwhelmed with life – the parvo puppies * ended up in isolation in my basement – the most recent batch of orphan kittens was going back to the shelter Wednesday and the thought of fighting snow and lousy drivers across the city and back just exhausted me. So we hung out at home. The right choice for us that night no doubt.
Wednesday was wild. Thursday the Christmas parties started. Friday was lovely I got home around 3:30 for the first time this year. Sally and I did a little directional play work for a tossed Kong .. it’s pretty cool to see her spinning in the direction I’m about to throw the Kong just on a quiet “right” or “left”. (It’s also good practise for me to practise which way Sally needs to go no matter where I am).
Saturday was hubby’s family Christmas do – 800 million relatives I swear it!! It was super to play with the younger generation too (ranging from 10-4) and catch up with the middles (now in their 20s). Sunday was packing for the county and driving down. Today was waiting for the Bell repair person and a little Christmas shopping. Sally and I worked a little “touch” work but that’s it. Maybe tomorrow 🙂

* the parvo puppies were with me for 4 long nights – changing every time I did anything with them, washing hands like a mad woman etc – then both left for Friday night, then sick wee Coco came back to us. More on her in a post all it’s own, soon, I promise!