With a clicker in my pocket … boy Sally loves working … walking in the field spinning right and left on cue beside me .. Brody danced and danced and spun … Sampson galloped around smelling good smells and came instantly on every recall no matter what he had to leave to get to me. His default sit is well in hand now and his down is much more relaxed. My summer goals for Sampson were met. YAY! I don’t think I set summer goals for anybody else .. but I exceeded whatever they might have been.
Big T made a LOVELY dinner on our tiny portable grill somehow. Salmon steaks, rice and a cucumber .. YUM YUM YUM. He also snuck a little chocolate bar into the cooler for a late night snack to share. He goes out of his way to make sure I enjoy camping with him and I truly do.

It was actually pretty funny last night as we ended up watching an episode of Breaking Bad on my computer. In the middle of nowhere with no lights except two flashlights no power .. and still we manage to use technology!

We sleep in a tent trailer on the farm .. it’s amazing .. you are part of nature yet when it rains (as it did last night) you stay dry and pretty darn comfortable.
The coyotes run right along various trails overnight. yipping and yapping and downright howling at times. It’s a beautiful symphony as long as you know you won’t get a full solid sleep. We knew that last night ~ so could really appreciate the chorus. Sampson was pretty freaked out .. Brody just quietly growled and Sally just listened attentively. Sampson did well – it was his first night sleeping out of a crate and I suspect he liked it! Nice way to wrap up a lovely lovely summer.
Agility happened before we left to camp. I set up a three jump exercise I’ve never seen anybody use before. It was like a serpentine but I picked up the middle jump and turned it on a 90 degree angle then spread out the line a little. It made a great pattern for pretty fancy figure eights and front and rear crosses. I am surprised I haven’t seen it before.