and what a LONG weekend it was
my second three day trial of my life (first being cpe nationals back in 2008) and I had all three agility dogs with me … wowser

Friday (AAC)
Starters Gamblers Sally was on … ran beautifully except for blowing two aframe contacts (NOTE TO SELF: MUST figure out how to train aframe with Sally) min gamble no problem at all .. final gamble jump jump turn tunnel … bing bang boom done
6 seconds left over and we weren’t racing … 54 points … all good

Starters Snooker Thea – red 7 point, dropped behind me and did a jump on the way to red – she was happy but quite shocked the course ended πŸ™‚

Starters Snooker Sally – red, and then a blur – she was great – got to 4 in opening no problem but needed to finish 5 for quite enough points .. ended up with over 30 points – probably my fault for micro managing a bit 9and therefore slowing her down) but I was thrilled with her run

Masters Snooker Brody – red, 7 red, 7 red, 7 and away we went – got through 5 only needed to finish 4 – 39 points in the bank πŸ™‚ that’s twice he’s qd using a three part sequence to accumulate points – I must go for flow with him …he speeds enough it’s worth it

Starters Jumpers Sally – flew the course 2 Qs in the whole class – she was one of them. YPS 5.38 – you should know I can’t run that fast πŸ˜‰

Advanced Jumpers – Thea – only tried to drop behind me once – flew the course on chihuahua wings .. but tiny legs can only move so fast – YPS 3.4

Masters Jumpers Brody – STUPID HANDLER – turned left not right for jump 4 realized I was looking at a 13 cone .. had to think – then took off – Brody (as usual) ran a foot perfect course – now I’m thinking I many never get that last jumpers q I’d like)

Friday was a good day πŸ™‚

Saturday (CPE)

Jackpot first class – everybody was in it … all ran well, none for quite enough points but a nice warm up ..

Standard level 1 Thea – chute was 3 obstacle – it took awhile to convince Thea this chute was safe so we ran out of time but she did a dog walk and a nice jump on the rest of the course

Standard level 3 Brody -Q can’t think what the course was but he flew it and aced it aprt from one bobble in weaves (took a large swing out)!

Snookers Sally Q- aframe was 7 and I wasn’t chancing it – this was a snookers course for Thea (easy 3 frames) but OF COURSE she wasn’t entered ..) so Sally and I were conservative red tunnel for 2 red jump for 3 red tunnel for 2 repeat tunnel and away you go … 30 points so we must have gotten 20 points on course which means we got through 6 – actually I think we did and I knew we were OK so opted not to even try the aframe

Snookers Brody Q 31 points red 7 red 7 red 5 (weaves) and away we went – time is tight in snookers cpe so we only got 30 points but that was enough πŸ™‚

Jumpers must have been the last class .. Sally Q – very very fast run fastest clean in whole class – one dog with some bars was faster than her by .2 seconds
Thea – also Q – nice and happy run Brody was not entered

Sunday CPE- let me just say right up front it was 8/8 Q day … there you can stop reading and think I’m bragging – I’m not though – I’m just really proud of the dogs holding it together for three days of a trial where I was working nearly every minute I wasn’t running and with running three dogs none got much chilling time with me … all were happy, and running well – I don’t do Brody justice on a day like yesterday but that can be another post for another time

First class Full house – my least understood class still but Q, Q, Q Thea with 20 points, Sally with 31 and Brody with 30 – nice flowing course made it easy to get the points especially with an aframe dog πŸ˜‰

then came standard – Thea loved the course perfect fast clean
Brody’s course was rocking too – foot perfect even through the bits other people were bitching about (some people love to complain eh?)

Colours was up next … I didn’t want to do the aframe with Sally so didn’t choose that course – she was brilliant
Brody started off slow (good thing it wasn’t aac masters) but did pick up eventually and was clean and quick enough

Wildcard was last – only Sally was in the class and we had an aframe in it – I nearly considered pulling from the class then thought no – she does know TOUCH and even if she doesn’t understand aframe behaviour I should be able to really manage that frame (it was after a tunnel I knew I could send her to from a weird spot to get to right beside the frame. She did it and the rest of the course just fine!! YAY Miss Sally

The wild child managed to save her wildness for a 5 -6 throw of the Frisbee before every class she ran and for some good games in the moments I had time .. she was amazing. Thea and Brody were fabulous too. Thea ran with a q rate of 60 percent .. not bad for a dog who doesn’t teeter weave or chute … or get trained πŸ˜‰

75% for Brody – simply amazing – he really is a rockstar …

78% for Sally unbelievable – now the fact I didn’t do standard courses with her sure helped that rate πŸ˜‰

We ran 24 runs over 3 days .. and earned 17 qs with an overall q rate of just over 70 percent. But it wasn’t just the q’s the dogs ran WELL. In many classes including 2 they didn’t q in they were foot perfect. They were attentive and did everything I asked for. They are brilliant dogs. And I want to keep up the training – shame I have to work for a living a little more seriously come September.