I had EVERY intention of taking a day off agility today – which would be the first agilityless day since July 1st.
I still did dog stuff (of course): downs with Thea; GO with Sally; the never ending wait with Sally; some fitness and balancing work with the Brodster; some drop it stuff with Sammo; cleaning up half eaten road kill with Sally (oh yes that was SOME Spesul) but I didn’t do a table, tunnel or jump. I did calculate the cost of the agility equipment I want. ***
I did garden stuff. Rabbit stuff. Chicken stuff. Housecleaning stuff. Ate dinner.
Then our house guest Lily asked to go out. So we all went out. And I SWEAR my weave poles called my name. They were lonely. We hadn’t used them since Saturday.
So Sally worked weaves for her disc and was FABULOUS. Brody worked weaves for chicken – also fabulous. And I finally pulled a 2×2 set out and worked Thea on entries a little. She was getting it. The little Princess of Lure was actually shaping a wee bit. And Brody showed off.
So I’ll have to try an agility free day some other time- like in September!
*** anybody have a few thousand dollars they don’t want or need lying around?