oh now that was some FUN

The wild women had a trial last night, if you can even call it that. Thea had a jumpers class and Sally had a standard class and a jumpers class.

First (in discussion not in order of go) the disaster – the standard run. I sat Sally and said go not wait. OOPS! She came right back before crossing the start line and sat again but was PEEVED. She was barking and tossng her head and just hilarous. I released her. She flew the jump and brought it down, raced for the dog walk and was NUTZ the rest of the round. She actually ran over to investigate a lab playing outside the ring – I actually touched her to return her to the last obstacle – the tire. Silly Sally. But there were a few good things to keep in mind. It took awhile but we got our table count done. Her weaves were amazing – hit ’em frst try – popped the last pole (the tunnel was callling her name loudly I guess) but came right back and did a fabulous job. Her teeter was solid and she waited to be released. She stayed on course though she added one obstacle.

Jumpers, in the other hand, was AMAZING. Sally held her start line stay perfectly and read the turn to a pinwheel despite a jump right in front of where a straight line would take her. Many dogs didn’t turn for the pinwheel. Many dogs dropped bars. Some dogs missed jumps. Miss Sally, my wild dog was in control. She had FOCUS. She was fast. AND she was careful. She was clean. She earned a Q. She ran like a dream. She was only the third dog in the ring so people weren’t really watching or appreciating the challenges of this little starters course. Applause was very scattered (which is fine with me – I don’t suffer ring nerves much at all and don’t pay any mind to the people around me).

Thea was last in the class. Thea creates buzz where ever she goes. Her joy? Her size? I don’t know but I do know if I could clone her I could rehome at least one of her every time I was in public. Thea ran another stunning fast clear round. She sent out to the tunnel so I could get a cross in to set up for a tricky last line. She motored around the pinwheel even though we haven’t done many of them with her. She was quite frankly a super star! She was the second fastest dog in the class; only Sally beat her time. Sally and Thea were the only two qs in the class.

Q or no q I am so enjoying the comeback tour. But a q or two make a night such fun!