There were other things about yesterday that were such givens for me I didn’t even think to note them.

Sally waited for her release before leaving her start line – I didn’t challenge her a great deal but lead out effectively to or just past the first jump
The gamblers class I chose to start with a mini which meant a long lateral lead out – she was rock solid that way too – amazing!

Thea zoomed off her start line – with enough speed I may need to put a start line stay on her!

Brody and I did our usual routine – there was no need for a start line stay with I’m anywhere.

Thea never crossed behind me – or thought about it – apparently I was getting her info about where and when she needed to be in a timely enough fashion for the Princess.

With Thea and Brody both running 6 inches I’d be horrified if they pulled a rail – neither ever have in class and Brody only did once in a trial and that was at 12 inches. (Given he isn’t quite that high and the ground was deep I did eventually relax about it.

Sally also didn’t drop a rail – she took some crazy angled approaches, she back jumped once but her bars stayed up. She knows her jumping stuff.*

All dogs behaved in the ring- didn’t worry about ring crew, leash runners or the judge.

They were really truly excellent dogs.

As Stevie Wonder said “We all have ability. The difference is how we use it.” The gang used it as well as they could with the information I could give them. Great dogs ~ shame about the handler 😉

* when she pulls a rail at home if it was a complex move she gets a “good girl” no food, marker or toy and a chance to repeat (which is rewarding to her – have no doubt of that). If it was a simple move and she’s being a goof the jumping just stops for a bit. Neither happens often mind you.