well relatively anyhow

I didn’t stay for results as the trial was running way behind but I do know Brody q’d in master jumpers (his 3rd q in that class) and didn’t in snookers – he either ran out of time in 6 or I put him in the wrong end of the number 6 tunnel – actually I did that – DOH two trials in a row picking the wrong tunnel – but I think he ran out of time – we would have had to do one jump afterwards anyhow and I’m positive we were that tight to the time that it wouldn’t have happened. Handler error in the heat – that’s what I’m calling it anyhow. He was remeasured and is certainly under 12 inches now. (Probably always has been but what can you do – seeing as how he can still jump 16 inches without much effort I would never have worried about it if not pushed by the masters judge clinic participants)

Sally had three runs – jumpers, standard and gamblers. Jumpers incuded an off course for team us- and a couple of time faults but given that the course was largely straight lines strung together with straight tunnels I think an off course was a miracle.

Standard by some standards (hahaha) was a train wreck – 45 faults. But they were honest faults if such a thing is possible. I wasn’t where I should have been a couple of times so she went off course and did an extra tunnel. She did 12 weaves – not as confidently as at home or in class but she did them and with enthusiasm. The table came after the weaves and a LOT of the dogs struggled with the table. I knew the off course had already killed us so made the choice to put her up and if she did her automatic table to release her quickly. She freaking ACED it. So on the judge’s 2 I called her off and raced off – the next bit of the course (spread, tunnel, tunnel, teeter) was PERFECT. Coming off the teeter I wasn’t too sure which side to be on so she blew past a jump then came back and did it fine. A frame – PERFECT, flip away to a tunnel – PERFECT end tire – PERFECT. So you can see why what was really 2 off courses on her part don’t upset me much at all. The scariest thing is that Sally would come third in that class if all heights were combined. Most dogs were eliminated. The “winner” had 5 faults; second place had 23 then us – crazy eh? It was a very challenging course for starters. Opening was a chute; then an offset line of 2 jumps to a tunnel under a dog walk then a flip up the dog walk then weaves and on to the rest. I counted 6 major challenges in the course. It was a fun course to run actually though. (and the weaves, the held contacts on all equipment, the table and the 2 places the flow was heavenly are what I will take away from that class!)

Sally’s gamblers class was amazing. So glad I stuck it out in the heat to have that run. She got 3 mini’s, 2 4s and a bunch of singles … and the main gamble but she was 2 seconds overtime. She was so much fun to run. I couldn’t be more pleased with her.

Thea was the queen of the day though. Her only class was starters jumpers and she NAILED IT, ROCKED the course, had a blast and easily happily and with great joy earned her first aac q!!

Way to go Princess Thea!!