Do you think Sampson is sad he has no trials and no plans for any agility at all in his future?

I have a couple of trials booked more then 2 days ahead …

one is actually Saturday – Brody in Master Jumpers and Snookers
Thea in starters standard (only a chute to maybe worry about there)
and Sally in starters jumpers (yah – I agree – stupid) standard (yup – even dumber) and gamblers (potentially my only smart move)

Why am I running Thea you ask? Well she’s my fun dog – I am not sure I’ll ever put enough work into her to be trial ready so I might as well let her play. I would happily only play CPE with her but there is no CPE around here so starters jumpers it has to be. I’d do snookers with her too actually.

Why am I taking Sally you ask? That’s a little harder to answer. She is running well and having fun. I know I’m a confident enough competitor to simply say forgive us judge we are running FEO this run and make up my own simple course if it looks like it will be ugly. We don’t have contact equipment at home and the only way we get to use any if to trial. Someone lost a 4 year old dog yesterday to bloat and I realized if I never get to trial Sally again I’d be devastated. She LOVES agility in a way that puts my addiction to shame.

So there. Maybe not the smartest move training wise but for me right now important.

On Wednesday night Brody has 2 snookers runs. Maybe a standard run too. Hmmmmmmm

Then July 21 Thea has a jumpers run and Sally has a jumpers run and a standard run.

So I have some agility in July. Cool. (Well actually very hot right now but you understand me I’m quite sure)