Sally is NOT buying what the net tells me “dog days” means.

“the hottest most humid days of the year”
“The term itself was coined by the ancient Romans, who referred to these days as “caniculares dies” (days of the dogs), after the constellation Canis Major, of which Sirius is a part of. As these days coincided with the time when Sirius was visible they believed that Sirius was increasing the heat.”
“Dog days can also define a time period or event that is very hot or stagnant.”

Stagnant? Sally?

You really haven’t met her have you?

Today, the second day of a blistering heat wave, the first day in 6 Sally hasn’t done agility in the am, run like a wild child at the farm and done more agility at night ( yes I am a lazy/add soul – I often work in short increments), Sally was frantic to WORK. She threw herself into the send out to the jump, tunnel, jump. Blasted the weaves with me both on and off side. (All this for a ratty old throw stick)

She’s a firecracker, a ball of energy, a going concern, and hilarious. As always I am grateful for the joy the gang brings to our house. (Brody is heartedly unimpressed today – I’ve misplaced the clippers but he NEEDS a haircut so he’s getting scissored. Have I mentioned before he HATES being groomed more than anything? He’d rather be polite to a PUPPY for Pete’s sake!)