On Tuesday night I missed one session (doing a media gig about living with disabled animals) so ran Brody and Sally virtually together – no wonder I can’t handle for beans …

Brody is a Ford Focus – little but steady – pick up isn’t all it could be but brakes work when needed easily and steering is effective even if it takes a little work – if he was a bigger dog he’d be a perfect farm truck – nothing fancy but super uber reliable. He trucked around the courses working off rear crosses if needed even though they aren’t exactly motivating for him. Nothing phased him actually.

Sally is my mum’s old TR7 – zippy, edgy not exactly reliable but a whole lot of fun!
If you over steer you end up flying wide on corners or a little tighter than you thought. Brake suddenly? DEAD stop – major whiplash session indeed.

Sally got a little unbalanced on the dogwalk last night – rather than stopping and thinking about it she simply leaped off it. Crazy dogs and padded floors go together thank heavens. She did 12 weaves quite nicely. She is something else.