I got to work Sampson in the Practical Living class we are doing now (Tom’s away). What a gentle lovely sweet fellow he is. We worked on leave it, sitting calmly while dogs passed us and some positioning … he was an angel .. I had F O C U S to make a more advanced dog weep – he barely broke eye contact for anything. Amazing … might be hard to hand the leash back to Tom and work crazy Sally next week 🙂 Speaking of which … Sally got to play agility last night – she was OUTSTANDING – dog walks from all over the place with hard solid contacts at the bottom; tunnels on a whisper; outs and overs in all directions. It was a good thing as I turned my ankle and was mostly just walking sending her from spot to spot. Amazing work in it’s own right. Brody go to run one little course and was very happy doing so as well 😉