Me too! Last year was a bit of a blur so I could simply repost last years goals but I think instead I’ll start over and then look to see what I thought I’d do later on …

Super Sally

keep training when I can catch a minute
work her perfect downs on tables everywhere
run CPE level 1 and 2 classes as appropriate
run AAC gamblers, snookers and maybe jumpers classes through the spring and summer
add standard and stepplechase as she levels out

Terrific Thea
either enjoy Cpe level 1 whenever possible or put a whole whack of time into training then follow Sally’s plan above

Brave Brody
get him fit enough to play – do some drop in training to get him running again
trial one day a month
go to regionals (and qualify for nationals – goal at this point)

hey I was actually pretty reasonable at the beginning of last year – look:
Sally is maturing into a wonderful dog. Maybe she’ll more than 1 Q in 2009.
She did – she earned 2 more q’s in the only trial she made it to – a wildcard q and a jackpot Q – she makes my heart sing in a way that’s hard to describe – it’s like working with a real fine wire – when it’s right it’s sheer poetry!!
Thea needs some work on chutes and teeters – if I can get that done I’d love to take her to regionals.
Now that they’ve shortened chutes – all is good chute wise – teeters will still need work … and regionals weren’t in the cards for any of us ..
Looking forward to hopefully having Brody at regionals too, and maybe nationals as well if all goes well.
Sad not to be doing CPE this year but I’m going to finish the qualifications for the nationals then move him down a height level anyhow – hopefully he can qualify for 2010

we (being the dream dog Brody and me) did knock off the qualifications easily for Cpe nationals – maybe I should plan on Florida 🙂 he’s such a good boy!!