yes it’s true Sally can be a goof ball

barking at people standing still, leaping off a deck, climbing shelves to get chewing gum, opening fridges…just a few of her adventures that make me go ACK

Sally is a little drivey- she once had her nose rammed onto a touch plate so hard she couldn’t eat her reward … she will slam into a touch on the stairs if I look at her when she comes down.. I can send her to tunnels from 50 feet out when she’s ON.. she’s a lot more drivey than I’d choose if truth be told …

but sometimes Sally is just SO MUCH fun

take today I had one jump set up and a fairly straight tunnel off to one side and away from it

like this maybe:



we practised jumping the jump from all kinds of angles, then jump and tunnel (either end) then tunnel and jump … out, over, tunnel, here,
she just NAILED every jump and every entry … she really is a little super star … she was freaking SAILING over the 26 inch height .. she’s all of 18 inches at the shoulder 😉
the jump was a single bar she could easily have run under .. it was skinny .. she was awesome