This little wee dog who should have had a few years of happy being spoiled came back into our lives. His forever mom was evicted and returned him. Words can’t express how saddened I am. He stunk of urine, was matted, has a bacterial skin infection, is blind, deaf and has lost almost a kilo (a LOT to lose when you only weighed 3 kilos to start with).
He is now clean and matt free but he spends his waking time slowly spinning circles. Doggy dementia is not kind.
Hank was THRILLED to see him. Knew who it was instantly and has been gentle and respectful all along. Sally is curious but alarmed by the spinning I think so has given Pom lots of space.
His orginal name was Matty as he was such a mess the first time he came into my life, we renamed him Pompeii as he had an explosive bark and lots of Pomerian character ..he has lots of character and is very dear …