The stitches are out and she’s just fine so I can note “the accident” and be very glad Thea is just fine ..physically and emotionally she’s completely herself and all is well.
It was very very scary though – she is a bossy little boots and the other dogs respect her generally but Hank reacted to her leaping at him from the couch. One bite – one badly placed snap in fact and Thea needed a whole lot of stitches – and a whole whack of time knocked out to clean and close the flap. You could see where Hank’s three teeth connected with skin and how the one snap basically peeled her open. We were all extremely lucky – the wound was GROSS and AWFUL but superficial.
When Thea came home from the vets she chewed Hank out royally.. he was on the ground cowering at her wrath in fact – then she forgave him. She is back to humping his head, licking his mouth and sharing the couch with him but we, of course, are worried and anxious. If only we could move on the way the dogs do sometimes.
Thea has LOVED coming to work with me – Hank has completely spoiled her (as I hate leaving dogs in e-collars and I wasn’t sure she’d leave the stitches alone). I can’t imagine leaving her – maybe in January.

I have three long workshop days next week so she’s going to hang with her aunt Judy while I am away. We are very lucky to have aunt Judy in our life!