I deliberately left the 12 weave poles here last week when I packed up the agility equipment to take to the church for the winter … so I could work them.

OF COURSE it rained HARD all day yesterday – Brody was cold and wet and I decided that running weaves when he was so miserable was probably not going to put the joy back in them.

He actually didn’t even want to go for our second walk … unlike the other twerps who all thought puddle splashing was amazing! I made him come and rewarded him heavily but he was not a happy fellow.

It isn’t pouring yet so maybe I’ll get to do a few sets before I have to pack the 2x2s up for the season (the 6 set doesn’t fit in the truck easily so it will stay here)

Sally is a little sore on her left front – I hope Hank just slammed into her too hard ..but I have faint memories of her being sore at this time last year too …yikes!