Fitz is back – with the invasion of Harrison’s this weekend I sent as many of the dogs away as I could. Mum borrowed Brody and Thea – she’s done it before so I wasn’t too worried. I left dear sweet fading Kaylie cat at home with Nancy doing regular visits and worry about her. I had left Bob at Shelly’s. I asked Dad and Jean to try Fitz- with grave reservations – not about Dad and Jean but about Fitz…well he wasn’t perfect – he puked a couple of times and the house training in a new house thing caught everybody out once or twice but Dad called Fitz sweet it couldn’t have been too bad! Fitz was thrilled to see us – he’s back to trying to boss Hank around and chasing his toys and just generally bouncy but he obviously had a nice visit. Somewhat reassuring when I need to find him a real home – and sooner would be better then never.

Bob has gone to a real home – amazing but so far so good – so fingers crossed he sticks. I really thought it would be Fitz in a forever home and Bob coming back here but it’s not to be.

Fitz is offering to jump – he’s not a tidy jumper yet but he’s enthusiastic and has fun bouncing back and forth – like everything else he gets too excited about it all but so far it’s not a problem.
I want to get my tunnel set up so I can start him on that soon too!