CPE day on Saturday

it was a BLAST

Jackpot was a non traditional gamble called “tunnel suck” with FOUR tunnels on course that ALL had to be run through before the whistle blew .. you also needed to accumulate more points (I never did figure out exactly how many) and then after the whistle you had 5 seconds to run to the table …

Thea went first and we hit all the tunnels – and wracked up lots of points- sadly when the whistle blew the closest obstacle to get to the table was the dogwalk and she FROZE on it – too 7 seconds to get to the table- NQ

Brody trucked around the course and was in the table in plenty of time – Q with no sweat or bobbles

Sally TOTALLY blew me away – she was attentive and focussed and did everything I asked her to do – all four tunnels, two aframes and the teeter and a couple of jumps – what an AWESOME run … she lost a little attention at the very end which just took us close to the table so when it went she leapt up on it no problem at all 🙂 her first Q!!

the standard runs were next for Brody and Thea- Brody ran well – a bit slow the first time but fine – 2 Qs without much worry – Thea did the dogwalk freeze and then bailed the first time but did the chute (chutes, dogwalks and teeters all alarm her sometimes) so I was very happy with her NQ run.. the second run she did the dogwalk (SLLLLLLLLOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWLLLLLYYYY) and the chute (there is no teeter in level one cpe) and got her Q! what a gal!

I think I’ll leave Thea in level one CPE til she’s BUSTING to move up (I like that about CPE – you can stay in a level and just accumulate points!)

last course was snookers and I found the course a little choppy – however both Thea and Brody got Qs despite me – not because of me and Sally made it through the WHOLE opening – I went slowly and carefully and made sure I was happy with her running – she only earned 16 points but they were well earned points so I was pleased with her NQ

it’s getting hot – wonder how long Brody will want to play in the heat?