lovely weekend of no trials

in laws for weekend – Dad and Jean for lunch – nice hot mellow weekend – hardly any time to train BUT I did haul out my NEW pac n go chute

and staked it down – first dog through was HANK – too funny how hard he wants to play 🙂

I really set it up for Thea though as she hates chutes … the wind was blowing it open and it was flapping a bit so we did it about 6 times for both sides – with support – she wasn’t ready to be sent ahead and with the other dogs leaping around a recall was too tough but she did it well and happily

Brody also zipped through it a few times happily (he’s always liked chutes) and Sally was TOTALLY insane – as I had he big jolly ball to throw out to reward her …

she is a BAD DAWG – all there is to it 🙂

did weave work with Brody and Sally too – nice and fluid …