The talent show was yesterday and the dogs were amazing!

Walking out onto a stage with 500 people watching and bright spotlights on you is disconcerting to say the least.

I had tethered Sally (in the drk) back stage which got her a little freaked out – but she tends to bark if she thinks she should be working with me anyhow – so I suspect the noise was more about the fact Brody was playing and she wasn’t at first

Brody and I did a little shadow handling for a minute to warm up – heeling, switching sides- front crosses
then he jumped from cube to cube
danced on his mat, spun and free heeled offstage (Sally was a bit loud!) Every time he picked a foot up the kids clapped and hollered … he is such a pro though – he didn’t even look at them – his focus was entirely on me

Sally had a little more LOOK at the crowd – and the fact I was on mike confused her at first – she went to the speaker and had a good look at it before reorienting to me

She was happy to see the mat out and did an immediate go to place… she jumped up and down on the cubes (not something we rehearsed but I wanted her to be in motion a little) then she did her famous down; head down routine … BIG awssss from the kids

a couple of hand touches and then her BIG thing – amazing RIGHT and LEFT turns and she NAILED it .. instantly – the students were FLOORED – very cute to hear them

the skateboard didn’t work as well as it had the day before – but I had nearly left the stage when I saw the skateboard so turned around and tried it…she did it but it wasn’t smooth (tho she didn’t know that)

The MC told me afterwards the students were loudest and most engaged for the dog routine šŸ˜‰

I am, as usual, both humbled by the willingnes to try things and proud of the dogs for their efforts!