poor Gus had surgery yesterday – to remove a foreign body. A weird little organic plug of something – maybe a decoration? or something bizzarre… she has HUNDREDS of stitches now – including in her intestine. It was an interesting surgery to watch.. I’ve seen too many lately though it seems. Dr Au removed a broken tooth and did a quick dentistry too as Gus’s teeth were covered in tartar and the exploratory surgery had gone so relatively quickly. (She was under for about an hour) She was very slow to wake up and very stoned all night. I am looking forward to getting her this afternoon though – she sleeps better here even in a crate! She’s got a collar on and will have to wear one when she can’t be watched (can you imagine if she opened her insides up again- I’d die) but luckily I will be able to organize things to watch her pretty closely. It’s amazing to me i haven’t actually had to go through this before… and if I was going to do this I would have thought it would have been one of the piggy lab mixes or Sally who would put me through it! Not smart little goosey Gus… ahhh well life’s a learning curve and this has happened now for a reason! Think good thoughts for the naught gal and quick healing! The agility dogs have missed their workouts this week – they are DYING to get back into it… hopefully I cna work them when Gus is snoozing 😉