Sally and Brody and I went to Morningstar trial in Kingston on Friday and Saturday. Thea was off and on lame so she had to stay home but I think she enjoyed being cuddled in front of the fire. Brody was in a funny mind set – but so was I so it seemed fair to me. He did pull together 2 VERY nice snookers runs in the advanced level (one of Brody’s sweeps) and earned one advnaced standard leg so he only has one leg left at that too. He’s run very few advanced classes – maybe 4 -5 tops so to have 2 legs done is great. His q rate is rapidly improving but even more importantly he’s having a blast!His masters jumpers runs were pretty darn ok too – he fell for one trap in the first run but was fast… second run was slow and careful – and went 5 seconds over time but sped up as the course went on. Sally was attacked – badly and frighteningly by a dog who left the ring to get her. Sally only tried to get away and was totally submissive and appropriate (though she screamed very loudly) . The judge has written a report asking that the attacking dog be banned- be interesting to see if I hear anything about it. She is recovering quite nicely – thank heavens but it really was very traumatic for a whole lot of people and dogs.