Team Valiant

Horses in sanctuary care,

many more animals, of all species including

human, helped every year since 2013.

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Thank you for your ongoing support. 

Want to support Team Valiant when you purchase MAD BARN items?

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As well be sure to use ”   5%-OFF-FROM-ANDREA   ”  as a coupon the first time you buy from Madbarn too!


What/Who is Team Valiant?

Team Valiant is a group of people who came together to help one horse. One starved, verging on death horse. He had been terribly neglected which has caused some on going health issues. The group became very bonded to Valiant and to each other and made a commitment to help him, and other animals in need.  They have found other horses, and members over the years. An orphaned piglet,  “spent” chickens, cats, a dog  and many equines have all benefited from this collective of amazing energy and strength.

Our 2019 fall auction was a huge success! Then we took a year off auctions thanks to COVID but we are coming back in June/July of 2021!

Many thanks to all our sponsors, individual donors and bidders (winners or not).  You make the auction the single biggest fundraiser for Team Valiant each year.

Sponsors in 2019 included

Dog & Pony Show                                                                                                 Kent Island SportHorses

Hannah Branigan’s Zero to CD Program                                                          Lizard’s Leos

Renegade Rope Leads                                                                                        Linda Shantz Fine Art

What happens with your contributions?

One of the horses of Team Valiant is fortunate enough to have a sponsor for his basic monthly  costs.  ($150 a month) The horses also require farrier service every 6 weeks, vetting, massage and chiropractic care.  They are on supplements and medications to help negate their rough histories (read more about each horse here!).   Each of the Team Valiant horses costs between $200 – $400 a month to provide the level of care and comfort we strive to provide them. (Three horses were sponsored but one of our angels passed away this summer).

Some examples of the breakdown  per horse- foot care – $30 every 6 weeks  / joint supplement $27 per month / chiro $120 per quarter/ massage $80 per quarter / one replacement blanket per year  per horse $150/ fly spray and tick preventive $90 per year – you can see how quickly  it adds up!

The things this group can do is beyond compare.   Aldwyn, Mysterious Code, Huey, and  Biggs live together  in Prince Edward County. Coz and 5 others in his group, Foster, Mirado, Whiskey , and Cruising Executive are just a few of the horses  directly helped through Team Val. 

Our Angels Without Wings
Devon Jones
Tom Harrison
Sandra Orr 
Sarah Haynes
Mary JO Pitfield
Michelena Riosa
Kathryn Harvey
Liz Sauter
Keri & Murdoch Semenko 
Chelsey Protulipac
Una Whitcombe
Ellyse Goodfellow
Ruth Wozniak
Anne Marie Abraham
Joanne Patterson
Ann Fitzpatrick
Ros Beaman
Adrienne Cruise
Josslyn Cousins
Crystal Woodhouse
Becca Brown
Amanda Ojanpera
Lisa Montgomery 
Tracy Riley
Joanna Kirby
Lisa Frackowiak
Lauren Jacobs

Angels With Wings
Karen Bastin
Dr. Jill Stoller
Valiant (himself)

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