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Unleash Personal Potential

Dec 1 – Jan 12  (Registration opens Nov 22nd)

Do you want to make mindfulness and dog training work together? Wondering how to plan to include dreams and aspirations in your day to day life? Not sure how to increase your resilience and support those around you (animal or human) who need help recovering from tough events? Curious about  Growth Mindset, Flow and how you can achieve them? Looking to expand your creativity and sense of joy in life?  Well, this is the course for you.  We will be exploring a wide variety of topics and specific tools looking at becoming our best selves. Golds will choose which type(s) of work they’d most like to focus on. Expect supportive, safe and thought-provoking nudges and support  -its the way we work together! Learn more here.  


No More Excuses

Oct. 1 – Nov. 11, 2019 (Registration opens Sept. 22nd)

Struggling with motivation? Perhaps your library is full of great classes that you haven’t done or you have goals and aspirations that simply aren’t being met. Develop your skills to overcome the inevitable excuses that interfere with training and achievement. You may want to focus on dog training – or something else – at the end of the day, it all interconnects …

This class will help you methodically work through your blocks and get you inspired and working hard with your animal partner.

Gold students will have homework and their own threads and receive specific, personal attention. Silver students will be able to participate in class and ask questions and get more general feedback on assignments


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Game On!

Build a better bond with your animal partner and improve your focus and mental game.

About Andrea

I help handlers and their animal companions find the joy in training and competing together... By focusing on the handler-half of the team! 

Whether you struggle with mental prep, planning, goal setting, or something else, I can help.